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Welcome to We believe that all children deserve a good quality and reasonable price. For this reason, we are specialized in producing and selling high-quality children's clothing exports. We offer fast and convenient by ordering through our website, which gives you more time to do other important things in your life too.


We believe in social responsibility and the environment. As well as sustained growth in business clothes.

Best price:

With the advantage of factories located in Thailand, we can produce high-quality children's clothing as well as children's wear brandname. We charge a cheaper price and at the best price possible.

Product quality:

Our children have been tested for quality assurance. We have a team of efficient quality control (QC) to ensure that our children's clothing meet international standards. We take every measure to ensure that our customers are happy to use our products but a small error can happen. Customers can change the order within seven days but must let us know as soon as there is a problem.

We believe our customers will experience the joy when shopping with us.

Shipping trusted:

Customers will receive children's clothes, of course, when an order with us. We ship via Postal Thailand which can be either plain or registered parcels and EMS will take delivery of an average of 2-7 days, but may be delayed due to weather or other safety issues.

For faster delivery, we also have services delivered by private transport companies have softened Express. This may cost a little higher but more comfortable driving to the house or shop, the average delivery time is 2-3 days only.

We guarantee to ship your order as soon as possible too. We are excited to deliver our products as well as children who want to show off a new toy to friends. We know we can deliver smiles to their faces.

Your happiness is our happiness as well.

International shipping:

We ship our products to foreign shipping companies across the country and around the world and that Thailand Post Company

Order and Return:

All orders will be replied via E-Mail within 24 hours after receipt by the customer must pay the balance within 24 hours of it. When payment complete, please inform us at the menu. "Confirm payment" on website to confirm that is your balance. 

If the address is not valid or parcel is returned:

The shipment will be returned to us. So if a customer does not receive the goods within 7 days from the date of shipment. Please contact us to follow up with the authorities as soon as possible.

Return Policy:

A small error can happen, If found defective goods please inform us before returning it every time. Which can be returned within 7 days of receipt of goods. And the returned goods must not be worn and no longer use only.

Wholesale price:


We are very pleased to be a partner of you. We can supply good quality children's clothing and the best price. There are products in stock, produce on demand and also recruit dealers baby clothes with us.